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my name is Ben Vautier
I usually send out once or twice a month
from Nice (France ) a news letters
in French
it helps me feel better
Tomorrow I leave Nice for New York
What am I going to N.Y to do ?
show off ?
showing off that is what mankind is all about
Every thing is showing off
even not showing off is showing off
trying to be one self
is showing off
stupid ; we are always
and cannot help being our selves
- bad news I woke up this morning
with a blank page in my head
having to go to New York
stopped my «flow of free thinking «
- New York contains power
And power frightens me
Jenny Holtzer wrote once
Abuse of power comes as no surprise
- New York
I ordered plastic suspenders
so as not to loose my pants at the airport
they did not come
- New York
What I am supposed to do
Talk at the Moma about Fluxus and « instructions «
I think, it will be open to public.
A space for 120
I might give a short Fluxus concert
Just like I like them
20 short pieces
constructed in a Maciunas style
but I must for that feel at ease
loosing my memory I forget some times Fluxus
Maybe because fluxus is everywhere
but since fluxus turned « life into art » and vice versa
I tell myself Ben « take life as it comes
Filliou said "on verra bien"
but I can't - I worry -ego problem
- New York
I will be travelling with Benoit , my grandson
I live in the south of France Nice
a big house on the hills
- New York
some times I get news from the USA
Allison is active performing
Larry Miller reconstructed a carrot-shaped heap of fresh carrots on the floor
Ben Patterson show went fine in Houston
I hope I meet Goeff such a nice smile
- New York
should I take Viagra with me
or am I getting too old for that
- New York
every body knows every body
and nobody knows any body
- New York
what about » this Instructions »art
Annie said
It's about a branch at the Moma on education concerning Instruction Art
All art at one time could be brought down to "instructions"
taking the decision, to paint a flower blue or red
is following an instruction to oneself
but I suppose that is not the instructions we are talking about what we they are talking about
concern - scores - partitions -
the simplest instructions I know off are those of George Brecht
how did art finish up in "instructions "
Of course the great mind masters behind instruction art remain Jon Cage and Duchamp
what comes next after instruction art
Attitude art?
no art ?
give up art ?
intention art ?
who care about art ?
why art ?
or back to folk art
I would say
No big change
Ego is always there
-New York
Jon also said I would have a talk with curators
I have always the same three « statements « concerning art in my bag
the first is » newness «
an artist must bring some thing new
and unexpected
why ?
to show off (feed his ego )
second statement (ego)
« ego » itself -open it- study it- brake it --
and even if ego is made of anti ego or non ego its always ego recognise it
my third statement , is « peoples languages »
their survival has to do with
ego (survival ) newness (change ) and tradition
And (language(
every language containing different vision of the world
by the way
I am preparing a « symposium « in Toulouse on cultures peoples and languages
minority problems in the world
why am I telling you all this ?
To be transparent
-New York
it looks as if Silverman's collection is opening a new window in the Moma
Some one said, "One step further then art -works "
With fluxus "intention" becoming art
and "intention" turns into "instructions "
- New York
on the 19th of January there is a memorial for Jil Jhonston
Jill Johnston came to south of France in 1969
And wrote about her journey in the village voice
I remember her staying at Annie mothers house
being in love crying and eating mayonnaise
I like her quotes
The whole universe interests me--George Brecht&#8232;
I don't believe in art, I believe in artists&#8232;--Marcel Duchamp&#8232;
Not one sound fears the silence that extinguishes it&#8232;--John Cage
-New York
I suppose Jon Hendricks is a bit anxious
I hope I don't disappoint him
making a fool of myself opening doors
already open
Buy your ticket for:
- New York
No doubt Fluxus is still alive and kicking
Alison with her bells
Ben Patterson with his micro Fluxus historical concert
Eric with his impossible demands
Yoko with her fantastic smile
Philip corner with his hammer to saw
To transform piano into sound etc
-New York --PARIS
In Paris everybody is queuing up for MONET money money
In New York for abstract expressionism power power power
-New York
I have to stop now
Just to reassure you this is an unique mail
sent once
If you want more news about fluxus or ben go to my
go to the site and then subscribe ree to my newsletter
I hope it is not too cold in New York
See you tomorrow