FLUXUS - 2004

FLUXUS - PAIK ET YOKO - 2004-10-02

Je ne sais pas si je l'ai déjà dit où sur sa chaise roulante, à moitié paralysé, il jette le piano vingt fois par terre.

Fluxus Paris
Yoko Ono est un problème. Quand elle arrive quelque part elle véhicule de la gloire et donc une angoisse. Je me dis : elle doit souffrir de gloire et je vais demander à Erik de venir dîner avec nous. Elle refuse. Elle a raison ça aurait été emmerdant pour elle.

FLUXUS - texte trouve sur le net a (http://www.fluxus.org/museum/maciunas.htm) - 2004-01-20

Evidence of the existence of a small,
obscure group of people known as
was discovered in historical archives
in Iowa in 1984.
An inventive people of the Great Plains,
they primarily lived in what is now known as Iowa and Minnesota.
The Fluxus Indians had some contact
with the early European explorers, but they appear to have vanishedbefore the Europeans began settling the Great Plains.
Although the Fluxus Indians peacefully coexisted
among other North American Indian groups,
they were not American Indians.
Other Indian groups apparently viewed the Fluxus Indians as benign outsiders,
referring to them as "the odd ones" and "the amusing ones."
Evidence indicates Fluxus Indians were infatuated
--almost obsessed--
They were particularly interested in new ideas about technology (see Thomas Edison)
and culture (see Fluxus--the Modern Art Movement).
To aid their quest for new ideas,
the Fluxus Indians developed a large set of BRAINSTORMING METHODSto facilitate the creation and exploration of new ideas.
A major annual Fluxus Indian gathering
Artifacts discovered to date
display an advanced knowledge of plastics, strategic planning and game theory
--three major advances of the 20th century.

FLUXUS - une petite histoire sur ray jhonson - 2004-01-20

We met on a beach in
He thought I was
someone else.
Out of a case of
mistaken identity,
a friendship grew.

FLUXUS - lu sur le net toujours a propos de ray jhonson - 2004-01-20

The Futurists and Dada artists are often dragged in as
progenitors for mail art, but until RAY JOHNSON
(1927-1995) developed it as a distinct verbal-visual activity,
from his early beginnings in the mid-forties, correspondence
as art was incidental and does not warrant separate
treatment as a distinct form of art.
I think the New York Correspondence School was truly
communicative simply because I was able to wheel the
ping-pong paddle and to keep the ball on the move..."
- Ray Johnson.

FLUXUS - fluxus nice - 2004-01-20

Je suis pas allé à Utrecht pourquoi ?
Parce que déprimé

Fluxus is useless unless it explains why
being useless is the solution.

fluxus est inutile a moins que fluxus explique pourquoi l'inutile est utile

Ce que je regrette le plus dans Fluxus c'est la disparition de ma bobine original 16mm de 300 mètres de mes actions de rue. Mais tant pis c'est la vie.