Jean Dupuy
Jean Dupuy is always looking for something in particular :
in Bolzano, he needed stamps with Caruso's portrait on them.

Ben Patterson played fool in Bolzano the edition was finished and we all could have got one and taken it home with us,
but Patterson played maniac, his part of the edition had a small scratch, so he wanted it to be redone.

George Brecht
Brecht is never anywhere and he is everywhere.
We are quite a few to believe that Brecht is the best, but we don't know why.
I know : because he invented "

Wolfgang Feelish like most Fluxus collectors is giving a show of his collection.
From 1960 to 1992 he spent his time getting works if not free, cheap
and is today making history with mediocre pieces.

Allison is reprinting her old editions
The blink edition of 1960,
she says she needs money .

Whe never we start speaking about Vienna and the Krinzinger gallery someone comes up with the sentence :
"by the way, did you get yours works back from Krinzinger ? "

Who is who's victim
Nietch is Sarenco's victim
Ken is Ken's victim
Eric is love's victim
Joe Jones is (not was) Conz's and Berger's victim
Higgins is Shupenhauers victim.

Who has rich parents
Paik ? Dick ? Allison ? Ben Vautier ?
No mine were rich but got ruined.

Schwarz kogler Bruss Nitch and Muhl are Conz's capital for his old age pension,
he said I will sell my collection
for over two hundred thousand marks
to Getty if possible.

Koepke in Copenhagen
Did he paint 49 pieces or 49, 000 pieces ?
I never saw so many pieces made by Koepcke as since he 's died, same for Marcel Brodhaers super prolific post life artists. Should I die so that 10.000 pieces be made after I die ?

What did Ken bring to Fluxus that did not exist already ?
I asked Ken : he said I brought (a certain time of analytical capacity and an implemented strategy)
For what ? did I ask him.
For promoting Fluxus, see my mailing list, he said.

What did Ben Vautier bring to Fluxus that did not exist already ?
What did Brecht bring to Fluxus that did not exist already ?
the notion of "event "
What did Dick Higgins bring to Fluxus that did not exist already ?
"Constellations" and Something Else Press
Knizak brought broken records to Fluxus
Beuys brought trees and margarine to Fluxus

Who is Knud Petterson
Knud is very jealous of anybody who does Fluxus in Scandinavia except Eric.
Knud is date minded, his favorite date is 1963 : why? Because 1963 gives him historical importance.
Knud hates Ken who wants te promote Fluxus in Scandinavia without going on his knees to ask authorisation.

Eric and Ken
Eric was irritaded by one of those essays Ken wrote in which he makes as if he knows everything.
Eric's got a very big hidden ego,
he thinks people pinch his ideas,
he should know that they are unpinchable
because very cold and done in an unique way.

got famous because he let himself get robbed,
if people steal your work they are clever,
if they are clever they will sell your work,
if they sell your work you will get famous.

Otto Muhl
Conz says that we must do something for Otto Muhl, he should not be in prison.

Fluxus and sex appeal
Hannah Higgens 8 on 10
Mieko Shiomi 9
Charlotte 5
Schneeman 7
Eric Anderssen 5
Ben 7
Philip Corner 9

Who is jealous of who
Di magio is jealous of Conz (Conz says that)
Conz is jealous of Block
Block is jealous of Sarenco
Sarenco is jealous of Mora
Mora is jealous of Dimagio

Conz aurait aimé être le Richelieu de Fluxus.

Who is the least Fluxus
Vostell because he is a expressionist prima dona
Ben because he is an ethnist,
Beuys because he is a demagogue
Geoff Hendrix because he is spiritualist
likes going nacked,
Knizak because he is a activist
Al Hansen because he is a beat
Allison because she is a romantic
Eric because he is a bureaucrate
Brecht because he is a monk

Robert Bozzi wrote to me a long letter explaining why he is no more interested in Fluxus. I havn't got the courage to read it, so I will file it. Maybe some day someone will read it.

Jean Toche
Funny fellow wants to tell the truth about USA imperialism,
but is somewhere afraid the CIA will kill him,
so he invents fairy tales.

Was Beuys Fluxus ?
Just because he used the Fluxus to stamp all his old shit with.

Jonas Mekas is planning a Fluxus film anthology and would like top use my 1963 films.
I have a terrific mess in my film room,
all my reels are mixed up
and I am too confused to straighten them all out.
I would need some help, but on the other hand I don't like history.

Larry Miller
Discourse : "on all and everything" ,
performance by Larry Miller.
Nice title I wonder what he did : everything, anything or nothing ?
Larry is very calm but keeps on doing lots of things.

Best mail art I get comes from
Richard C.
He sends post cards full of strong ideas, unperceptable details. Sometimes he reminds me of Ray Jhonson, sometimes George Brecht. Writes to him, Richard C29 Gloria avenue Winston Salem NC USA.

Cage died
And since he has died his music is being played, and there is nothing more boring than a Cage concert played without humour by musicians reading scores as if they were constipated.

is an artist who always gives a staight opinion.
Kaprow likes Fluxus
mostly George Brechts'work.

Dick Higgins is a pseudo intellectual visual poet gone astray into Fluxus.

Harlequin is a funny fellow asks more than he gives, wants free edition etc., etc

Henry Flynt
the most radical statement in Fluxus is
"destroy serious culture "(H. Flynt ),
but what Flynt meant by that is another question.

Willem de Ridder
His attitude is that of a cold fish with snoopy Italian eyes and a squaky smile to look at naked girls. I love his walkman pieces. I suppose Eric Anderssen is jealous of them.

Enrico Pedrini
I wonder who takes him seriously.
He dreams of himself as the cardinal Richelieu or Mazarin of modern art in Italy. To his credit we can say he loves art theory and is always asking himself why this, why that.

Robert Bozzi and Erebo
Were Fluxus creators in Nice in the years 1963 to 1965. They stopped doing Fluxus after 1965. I think Erebo's work was great and that he deserves a special book with all his crazy scores.
Robert Bozzi was less creative, yet Maciunas liked his ideas and pinched from him the Fluxus mass idea.

It's quite funny before we had Maciunas' lists, now we have lists about Maciunas' list, soon someone will propose for sale the list containing the list containing Maciunas' list.

Jackson Mac Law
wrote a long text entitled "How Maciunas met the New York avant garde and eventually invented what came to be called "the Fluxus movement ".
copyright 1980 by Jackson Mac Law all rights resereved "It is a very interesting article relating in detail how they all met and who did what , but if I ask myself why did Mac Law write it, I can't help thinking, because he was jealous of Maciunas' success and the text is there just to say - if it was not for me Jackson Mac Law and La Monte Young, Maciunas would have not existed, I have dates and facts to prove it - poor Jackson Mac Law how he must suffer to see that his boring visual poetry got less success than Maciunas' stupid jokes.

Dick Higgins loves writing letters
I can visualise art students in 2023 consulting volume 13 out of the twenty volumes of Dick Higgins partial correspondence.

Philip Corner
I recieved from Philip Corner the following statement. I consider as one of the best I have read since a long time :
after Duchamp you can still do whatever you want
after John Cage you can still do whatever you want
after Michelangelo you can still do whatever you want
after Ben you can still do whatever you want
after Philip Corner you can still do whatever you want
after Beethoven you can still do whatever you want
after Buddha you can still do whatever you want
after Abraham you can still do whatever you want
after Moses you can still do whatever you want
after Jesus you can still do whatever you want
after Picasso you can still do whatever you want
after Bach you can still do whatever you want
after Mahomet you can still do whatever you want
after Boulez you can still do whatever you want
after Gaudi you can still do whatever you want

Philip Corner 1990

Robert Pincus, the great art critic has a name that belongs to a Marx Brothers' production.
He should call himself Fluxus Fincus and organise a Fluxus International show in the latrines of ten big USA Museums.

Emmett Williams has had the heavy responsabilty of having been in Wiesbaden in 1962 just another way of telling others : "I am History you are not .
Means you can be a good or a bad Fluxus poet but you cannot be history, I call that playing, " I am history you are not ".

Jill Jhonston is looking fine straight eyes, no concessions. She still remembers the Cros de Cagnes and my mother in law.

Jeff Berner is back on the stage.
He sold his collection to the Walker, giving importance to a Fluxus concert in Prague in 1964 which had no importance. Jeff Berner blows up his importance,
but every body does that and nobody understands that nobody is important because human.

Ken Friedman
Fluxus artists are coward in Copenhagen, because of Eric's and Knud Petterson they don't dare speak to Ken Friedman, it is just as if he was contagious.
On the other hand, in Minneapolis, Ken was respected. Lots of people then consider Ken Friedman as having done a lot for Fluxus .

Who said "Fluxus is 90 percent romantic garbage "?
Answer : Henry Flynt .
Guess who believes he is 70% right ?
Answer : Ben.

Henry Martin
I wonder if he will sew me if I say he is a gangster.

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