Take part in the international NICE Fluxus Festival of NOTHING (1963-1996).

This is a official invitation to take part in 1993 International Fluxus Nothing Festival of Nice. This Festival is organized to commemorate 30 years of Fluxus activitys in Nice (1963-1996). For this Festival you are asked to do nothing , you can stay at home and do nothing NO PERFORMING. NO CONFERENCE. NO EXPOSITION. NO WORK. , if such a program is too difficult for you to apply , and if you become concious of the weight of your "nothing", you can send us its description, for instance : " I have no more time to do "nothing " or " this festival is worth nothing ' , I refuse to do nothing ". etc

We are of course concious and happy concerning the participation to the festival of most art galleries in the world today , " since they are all say they are selling " nothing ". Of course a catalogue containing all your "nothings" will be printed.

To take part in the international symposium and congress on nothing which will occur during this Festival, and which dates and places are being kept secret so as to reveal nothing,

write to : " Nothing " C/O Ben Vautier : 103 route de Saint Pancrace 06 100 NICE - Fax : 92 09 80 33

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